What We Do:

We specialize in Microsoft Excel and Access programming. We can assist in developing simple, customized solutions and provide one-on-one or group training.

The majority of our work for clients in done in Microsoft Excel. It is so widely used that after the development of the customized solution, the learning curve for knowledge transfer to users is very short. In addition, users are not intimidated by having to learn a new software package.

For more sophisticated work, we use Microsoft Access. While this program is more complicated than Excel, there are similarities that help keep the learning curve to a minimum. In addition, most software users have had some exposure to it or at least, have rudimentary knowledge of how databases work.

Why Use Us:

We have found that most clients use as an additional resource to their own IT departments. Typically, IT departments focus on the larger mainframe issues and network maintenance. They do not provide the user support or programming services that can have immediate, positive impact to department productivity, morale and information availability.

We are technology proficient but still know how to talk with people and keep things simple. Our fees are reasonable, we deliver quickly and work with users to assure full understanding of developed solutions.
Bring us your programming needs and we'll deliver for you.

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