Completed Projects

Our primary area of focus is Manufacturing Operations and Project Management, although we have completed a variety of projects in the areas of Production Reporting Systems and Software Development / Training.

Manufacturing Operations

  • Establishing Best Practices: Comprehensive evaluation of operating procedures and training programs. Established best practices and documention for all procedures. Implemented revised operating methods at pilot division for testing and validation. Training program for all personnel and trainers.

  • Production Capacity Validation: Identified equipment efficiency parameters and established training program for operators. Developed operating procedures and key indicators to manage business more efficiently.

  • Business Privatization: Assisted in the transition of a para-public corporation to a privatized operation. Identified opportunities to pursue to expand market share. Developed operational solutions to increase capacity and throughput.

Project Management

  • Implementation of Common Operational Processes and Reporting: Joint venture with client to manage and train their personnel on the implementation of comprehensive operational process and reporting across 20 divisions in the United States. Developed and created all training related material and documentation.

  • Implementation of Standardized Reporting Structure (International): Managed the process of implementing a standardized package of operational and financial controls across 10 divisions of a Fortune 500 corporation. Developed deviation indicators to alert senior management of issues to be addressed.

Production Reporting Systems

  • Reporting Systems Development: Established key manufacturing indicators for a commercial directory. Developed a database-driven production reporting system which used supervisor data inputs to collect data throughout the day and summarized overnight for review during daily / weekly production meetings. Implemented employee performance reviews and formats based on production data.

  • Reporting Systems Enhancement: Enhanced client reporting systems by developing key operational indicators and training management & staff on their use. Coordinated with IT to alter database to populate report formats developed for use by line personnel, supervisors and management. Created knowledge base for erporting systems and FAQs.

Software Development / Training

  • Project Management: Developed and implemented project management solution for a software services firm. Created summary progress report and processes to update project status. Trained 10 software service representatives on procedures to follow to maintain consistently and leverage their time.

  • Materials Management: Enhanced client use of materials through the analysis of performance and yield in a database program. Developed program using key indicators to review trends and project future performance. Created standard report formats for data review and procedures to follow for deviations outside the norm.

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